Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Re: Goodbye to the office

In response to Seth Godin's Goodbye to the office.

"What's missing is #7... someplace to go."

Have you heard of the telecottage/telecentre concept used in Europe?

Telecentre [Wikipedia]

Workplaces [Teleworker Association]

The place is a communal, internet-connected space/building.

I surmised, when I heard about it, that infrequently-used buildings like churches could easily set up as telecottages during the week, and allow local teleworker networking. Of course, that all tends towards the creation of local tribes, and eventually into semi-organised aggregate workgroups who meet locally and are employed globally. Say goodbye to the oil crisis.

On a side note, it may make for a more varied cross-section of society (particularly as the implied flexibility of hours suits mothers) than at most IT-based workplaces, with a resulting impact on mate-finding which is currently predominantly done at work. Except for Silicon Valley, where nothing would change.

It also lends itself to far more efficient time-sharing of space; a much freer movement of people between facilities, predicated on preference for surroundings, busyness, company, cost. A new lease of use for churches, restaurants, cafes. You could go into the pub garden for a meeting, keep an eye on your children in the creche.

If I were to commute at a cottage (the tele prefix would have to die, as per the telephone), I would choose one that had a resident motivator psychologist, who could help me get through the Dip, and to avoid procrastination, and access to a technician to fix my PC.

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