Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just out of reach

A wisdom eludes me - just out of reach.

I can feel that there's something there; somehow complexity and the way S types think, the attention to detail and the ability to hold many complex aspects in mind, while N types focus on a few aspects and manipulate them with more ease. I can invent a new thing because I look at the simple set of aspects I see and question them. She can see the straightforward and (to her) obvious way to do it simply, using the existing tools and systems - she doesn't need the invention to deal with the details for her, because she gets them right anyway.

Somehow it's the difference in perception - some kind of slowly built picture of aspects, of richness. So expression and enjoyment is of the rich and the real, rather than the simple and the abstract.

If I could choose to, I would change the world and be content. She would pick up some fresh raspberries and douse them in fresh cream, and in delighted contentment sit in the sunshine and enjoy the experience.

But I'm an N, so I'm looking for the connection, looking for the model that explains the two. But for now it's just out of reach.

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