Monday, April 19, 2010

All connects: A renarration

All connects
From rationality to sentiment
Work to play
Love to introspection
God to my own will.

A little self-expression
of my feelings on faith;
A drop of clarity,
cooling balm to my academia.

Reading insights of those
whose boldness has brought them to the hill
long before me:
The familiar spirit
but an enormity of strength,
a fearlessness
my soul shivers at the thought
of reaching for it.

If, as I've wondered, to re-narrate your story
you first must believe it, or believe in it,
then here is a kind of me
but with boldness
that I can believe in
that I can be.

I have felt disconnected
a bad fit for the world I see
creativity where perseverence is wanted
ideas where doggedness is valued
rebellion where sticking to the path is key.

Maybe it was just the wrong path,
maybe there is a path where I am not wrong
where the steps fit my stride
and obstacles are met with confidence
not timidity.

So all connects,
and renarration means revised belief.
Here, perhaps, lies
the death of another me
and the power of the role model.

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